Single Gang Cable Management System


The CableEZ Captive Cable Mount eliminates AV cabling frustrations in classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces and anywhere else users need to interface with cabling. It provides a clean, secure, dependable, and trouble-free connection points for end users.

CableEZ eliminates access to the cable connection point resulting in the cable that is always connected and working. The user simply unwinds the cable and uses it. Most often users automatically wind it back up when done! It also provides a dramatically cleaner cabling environment by providing integrated storage space for the cable. It has no visible connection points that protrude out and can get damaged. Use with any type of cable from HDMI, USB, data, even microphone cables.

*Note: Cables are not included.

How it Works

The CableEZ 1G ring gets mounted in its desired location. This can be on a wall, over an electrical box, on a portable cart, etc. The cable going to the TV, projector or system enters the CableEZ ring either through a hole in the wall, from the electrical box, or the surface mount slot.

The cable connection is made inside the box, the second cable then continues out the bottom cable slot. Once the cover plate attaches to the ring, the connection is secure and the cable is captured. The cover plate now provides the storage location for the cable.


The CableEZ 1G Captive Cable Mount consists of two parts, the back ring and cover plate. The cover plate is available in either black or white. (Custom options available on request). Mounting hardware is included for wall and electrical box installations. A Female to Female HDMI barrel is also included for HDMI connectivity.

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