Tame Those AV Cables!

  • AV cables are messy, tend to get damaged and often go missing.

  • Wireless devices are expensive and can be challenging for some users to troubleshoot when they don’t work as expected.

  • When room technology systems don’t work correctly, users are left to fend for themselves leading to damaged cables or disconnected equipment.

  • Recognized savings include increased meeting time and teaching time. CableEZ offers great TCO and ROI and decreases OpEx costs significantly.


CableEZ was formed to eliminate cable frustrations with an innovative solution to tame those cables.

Decades of Experience

Thirty years of providing support to college classrooms and conference rooms, lead to the formation of CableEZ. Jeremy Meyer and Jeff VandeHoef teamed up to design CableEZ after many years of supporting events, they found that one of the biggest and most frustrating issues to deal with is missing, disconnected, or damaged cables. If a space is truly going to be "convenient, reliable and useful" it needs to be that with minimal need for additional support. This challenge led to the design and development of a captive cable device that can virtually eliminate the possibility of cable theft, disconnection, and damage.