EZMount Single Gang Cable Management System


The CableEZ EZMount allows a user to easily install a CableEZ single gang mount to any TV quickly and easily without the need for any tools or infrastructure change. Use this mount in any location where you wish to have the secure, clean, and convenient connection of the CableEZ system. Portable TV’s, concrete wall locations, or anywhere else you don’t want to, or where you cannot get the cables into a wall. The user simply unwinds the cable and uses it. Most often users automatically wind it back up when done!

Why it Works

The CableEZ EZMount assists with cable management for portable TVs, or temporary spaces where you can’t or don’t want to install permanent infrastructure. Sometimes you just need a way to cleanly secure a cable to a display quickly and without any tools. Applications such as schools and hotels are using this to protect the connections on their portable displays, this allows the same secure clean and convenient connection as the wall mounted CableEZ solution, just located quickly and easily on the portable display. The last thing you need in a classroom or meeting room is for a student or guest to walk past the display and make contact with the cable hanging out of the display and either disconnect it, or even worse damage it. (Especially interactive touch displays). This mount quickly but permanently attaches to the display with 3M’s VHB tape.

*Note: Cables are not included.
*Also Note: The mount color is black, and the cover (faceplate) can be white or black.