CableEZ Introduces 2 Gang Model: The Ultimate Cable Management Solution

CableEZ Introduces 2 Gang Model: The Ultimate Cable Management Solution

Grand Rapids, MI October 9, 2023 – CableEZ, a leader in cable management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking 2 Gang Model that delivers a versatile, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for cable organization. This new addition to CableEZ’s product lineup is designed to revolutionize cable management for both commercial and educational spaces. Additionally, it is engineered to be installed over the top of a 1 or 2 gang input plate or wall transmitter, or can be a stand-alone element, making it a flexible choice for various applications.

“After launching our 1G model earlier this year, the need for a 2 Gang Model was engineered to offer our customers streamlined cable management.  It simplifies installation and offers end-users reliability. No more lost or damaged cables, no more help desk calls, or lost meeting/classroom time, no more equipment tampering, or wasted time looking for passwords, or downloading apps,” says Jeremy Meyer, Co-Owner of CableEZ. “We also like to say that ‘It works well with others’, meaning it’s an add-on to existing infrastructure verses a replacement part.”

“We have a deep understanding of the need for a clean, secure, dependable, and trouble-free connection point. With CableEZ, tech managers can save their time to work on bigger projects versus hunting for cables to replace lost or damaged ones. Another huge time savings is in installation. CableEZ is a 2-minute install. Check out our YouTube channel and see how truly easy it is! To make installation hassle-free, the 2 Gang Model comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for both wall and electrical box installations ensuring that you have everything you need for a smooth setup”, says Jeff VandeHoef, Co-Owner of CableEZ.

Key Features of the CableEZ 2 Gang Model:

Flexible Installation Options: Engineered to adapt to your specific requirements. It can mount directly to the wall or electrical box, ensuring a secure and streamlined installation.

Efficient Cable Routing: Using 90-degree connectors or adapters, this cable management solution allows for smooth cable routing. The cable is routed around the corner pins inside the mounting ring and out the bottom slot. These turns create resistance in the box, securing and protecting both the cable and the wall connection, preventing damage, and maintaining a clean appearance.

Two-Part Design: The CableEZ 2 Gang Model consists of two essential parts: the back ring and cover plate. The cover plate is available in both black and white, with custom options available upon request. This customization allows you to seamlessly integrate the cable management solution with your decor.

To learn more about the CableEZ 2 Gang Model and explore our full range of cable management solutions, please visit their website at

About CableEZ

AV Cables have met their match! Whether you’ve got HDMI, USB, data, or microphone cables…messy and tangled cables become a thing of the past with CableEZ. This innovative solution was created to provide a clean, secure, and trouble-free connection point for classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces and just about anywhere else users need to interface with cabling. Cut your cable frustrations with CableEZ, a captive cable mount system that allows users a stress-free connection point. No more lost or damaged cables, calls to IT, wasted meeting time, equipment tampering, network passwords, or app downloads.

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